Shoe Mounted Sensor (IMUs)

A Smart IoT sensor nodes delivering simplified yet information rich PDR data for superior personnel tracking performance in GPS denied environment. Onboard navigation computation relieves application platform and developers from the compute intensive development, thereby enabling relaxed constraints on the integration platform, and significantly reduced time-to-market.

Massive Inertial Sensor Array (IMUs)

An extremely compute intensive sensor node with nearly 300 inertial sensing elements squeezed systematically on a board of size less than 1/3rd of a credit card, providing the backend with high level information at nominal data rate. An onboard 32b floating pointt controller enables localized computation, and USB connector & optional Bluetooth interface enable data transfer flexibility.

Why Our Products

Simplified Output

Effortless Integration

Short Time-To-Market

High Accuracy

Low Power

Affordable Technology


Workforce Mgmt & Safety

Urban Mapping and Surveying

Autonomous Robotics

Indoor Rescue Operations


Gaming & VR

Warehouse Management

Endless IoT Applications

How It Works

The sensor platforms have a simple data interface that outputs Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) data at every step. In simple words, the foot-mounted device (IMU) detects steps of its wearer, computes displacement and heading of each detected step with respect to the previous one and transmits it over Bluetooth interface to application platform for construction of the tracked path.