Foot Mounted Sensors (IMUs)

Enable superior infra-free tracking performance, offer ease of building applications and allow use of a simple interfacing application platform for variety of applications requiring footsteps tracking.

Massive Inertial Sensor Array (IMUs)

Easy to use sensor-array platforms are best utilized for niche motion sensing applications at very affordable cost, by implementing intelligent Sensor Fusion and Array Signal Processing algorithms.

Why Our Products

High Accuracy

Affordable Technology

Effortless Integration

Swift Developemnt

Opensource Support

Customization Services


Warehouse Management

Indoor Rescue Operations

Endless IoT Applications

Gait Analysis

Urban Mapping and Surveying

Autonomous Robotics

How It Works

The sensor platforms have a simple data interface that outputs Pedestrian Dead Reckoning (PDR) data at every step. In simple words, the foot-mounted device (IMU) detects steps of its wearer, computes displacement and heading of each detected step with respect to the previous one and transmits it over Bluetooth interface to application platform for construction of the tracked path.